Single modem GSM

M1306 single modem module Q2406B RS232/Serial

Detailed Product Description
  1. Based on Wavecom Modules Q2406B
  2. Dual-band GSM external modem
  3. EGSM900/1800Mhz or EGSM900/1900MHz or EGSM 900/1800/1900MHZ
  4. Small size and aluminum shell shock
  5. Install and us, connect Internet instantly
  6. Has been through all the technical standards certification
  7. Voice, messaging, fax and data transmission of GSM Phase2 +
  8. Designed for a specific application of the AT command control system

Technical Specification

Product performance:

Dual-band GSM modem (EGSM900/1800MHz or EGSM900/1900MHz), applied to the data, fax, voice and messaging applications, has been certified by all of its design and development of the ETSI GSM Phase2 + standard (General Telephone)

Output Power:


Input voltage:


Input current:

5mA standby, 140 mA @ 12V calls in the state GSM900MHz 
5mA standby, 100 mA @ 12V calls in the state GSM1800/1900MHz

Temperature Range:

-20 ℃ - +55 ℃ working state 
-25 ℃ - +70 ℃ storaging state

Product Size:


Product Weight:



  1. Voice function call emergency telephone
    Voice Codec: full-speed, full-speed and semi-enhanced rate (FR / EFR / HR)
    DTMF functions (DTMF)
  2. Data / fax function Non-synchronous data circuit Transparent and non-transparent to the highest standards 14400 bits/s
    The third category automatically fax (Class1 and Class2)
    MNP2, V42bis
    Short message service text and PDU peer-to-peer (MT / MO) district Broadcast

Interface Support

  1. RS-232 connections through a small mouth and Sub-D15 connector plugs audio
  2. AT command used for the remote control (GSM07.07 and 07.05)
  3. Link bit rate from 300 to 115,200 bits / s
  4. Automatic bit rate (300 to 38,400 bits / s)
  5. Through micro - FIT4 Plug power connector
  6. SMA Antenna Interface
  7. Down the SIM card memory

Packing List

  1. Modem
  2. Power Line For data and automatically connect to the Y-line (optional)
  3. Antenna
  4. Positioning Slot